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About Us

Thalia Montalvo graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. She has always dreamt of owning her own shop but wasn’t sure which industry to enter. Thalia first took on a passion for holistic health care her senior year in high school when both her parents fell ill, her father with coronary artery and her mother with hypothyroid. It was then that Thalia decided to be more conscience about what she was putting on and into her body. She began to avoid pharmaceuticals and turned to home remedies more than ever before. After seeing various family members become ill, she decided to research natural remedies and ways to avoid getting diseases; that is when CBD caught her attention. Ever since, she’s become passionate about spreading the word on this healing component and removing traditional stigmas on Cannabis to help heal people in neglected communities, such as Washington Heights. Her goal is to bring this new healing method to these communities, in hopes of overturning the high disease rates present in lower income communities. 


Thalia Gamboa graduated from CUNY- City College of New York, with a Bachelor’s in International Studies, Concentration in Culture and Communication, and a minor in Women’s Studies. Thalia spends her spare time volunteering in community organizations, such as adult care homes and women-focused organizations. Thalia began to seek out natural alternative remedies after realizing the alarming number of health conditions that threatened her family. Coming across CBD and its incredible benefits, she became an avid supporter, wanting to spread the knowledge to debunk myths about CBD. Thalia is a strong believer in the importance of acknowledging a culture’s history to understand its people. It is her goal to help uplift others and their community by first helping them improve their health. 

T’s Magic Leaf began with the hopes of bringing the Cannabis Market to Uptown, the Bronx, and Westchester. We want to debunk the stigma that Cannabis is a gateway drug and present it as it truly is, a healer. High income areas have introduced the CBD market and its benefits to its communities, further contributing to healthcare disparities as lower income communities have not been given the same opportunities. People in lower income areas are not able to access the best health care options due to expensive costs; we want to bring them an affordable retail store that cares about their body just as much as they do.


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